Psychedelic Association Fuerteventura


The Psychedelic Association Fuerteventura, founded in 2022, is a circle of knowledge exchange about species and substances with psychoactive properties and their potential therapeutic applications, especially in the field of mental health. Since its inception, the association has experienced a remarkable growth, building bridges of collaboration with professionals, researchers and people fond of psychedelics from different backgrounds and who approach their study from the most diverse branches of knowledge.


• Education: Promoting the understanding of the therapeutic value of psychedelics in mental health and community well-being, to reduce the stigma associated with their use and facilitate their integration into the current health system.
• Scientific Collaborations: Establishing alliances with mental health professionals, universities and research institutions to advance knowledge and application of psychedelic treatments.
• Community Connection: Joining people interested in the therapeutic use of psychedelic species and substances in the Canary Islands, fostering a network of support and collaboration.
• Scientific and Therapeutic Events: Organizing annual conferences that bring together experts in psychedelics and mental health, such as those who participated in the 2022 and 2023 conferences.
• Integration and Education: Supporting regular integration circles, retreats with Indigenous medicines and other educational events, such as the movie screening of The Way of the Psychonaut.

Our events, conferences and activities seek not only to educate about the responsible and therapeutic use of psychedelics, but also to integrate these substances safely and effectively into contemporary medical practice.

Fuertedélica Psychedelic Conference Association Fuerteventura
Fuertedélica Psychedelic Conference Association Fuerteventura
II Conferencia Psicodélica Fuerteventura 2023 Psychedelic Association